10 minutes Speech Tips

Be prepared
- start writing your speech at least three weeks before the big event.

What would you like to say?
- take some time to really think about what you would like to say about the person you are toasting - what are their achievements or personal aspirations or goals; how do they relate with friends and family; is there a special event in their lives that is worth a mention; what are your own feelings for that person; what are your wishes for the bridal couple’s future?

You don’t have to be funny
- it is better to give a heartfelt speech than one that is funny for the sake of being funny.

Keep it short
- a speech around 3 to 5 minutes is all you will need. If you wish to speak for longer then plan no more than 10 minutes maximum.

- read your speech out loud at least three times before the big night.

Speak slowly and speak up
- make sure that all your hard-written words can beheard and understood by all the audience. A number of rehearsals in a slow and clear voice will help give you confidence.

Engage your audience
- look up from your notes to the audience and the bridal couple as often as you can.

Stay sober
- don’t drink too much before your speech.

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