25th anniversary speech for parents

We're all gathered together
And in a bit we'll have three cheers
Because Donna and Vinny Narciso
Are married twenty five years!

They met as childhood sweethearts,
Back in Nyack at high school,
Mom was a cute cheerleader
And Dad, well, he was no fool.

Mom could not resist him,
They made such a perfect pair
But we think the main attraction
Were his bangs and hippy hair.

Their first date was spent together
At an old amusement park,
Dad told Mom someday they'd marry
Right then there was a spark.

This loving pair have stuck together,
Through all the years, some good, some bad
But both myself and Jenn my sister
Could always count on Mom and Dad.

Yes, there have been dark times
When it seemed our world had died,
But they've always been there for us
Two shoulders where we both have cried.

Our parent's love is endless
They just seem to keep on giving,
Mom and Dad I'll tell you truly
You gave us hope to go on living.

As a family we're a unit
Now little Vinny's joined the nest,
His grandparents just adore him
For that he's truly blessed.

Our Dad can be a joker
But nothing really out of hand
Like sabotaging the sink sprayer
By using just a rubber band.

At Christmas time round our house
Dad can never act his age
We all know that breakfast's ready,
When we hear both Plant and Page.

When you look at this great couple,
You must admire our Father's hair
Does he dye it you'll be thinking?
No, it's just natural, I swear.

Now moving swiftly onto Mother
Her hair's just lovely as you see,
But are there any colors added?
Now, that's a secret, don't ask me.

And Mom, she's not forgotten
Now, she may look at me with scorn
I've got to tell you people
That she's addicted to popcorn.

But enough of all this joking,
This rhyme's coming to a close
I just want to say to Mom and Dad
What I'm sure everybody knows.

As our parents you're the greatest,
You know we never could complain
In twenty five years we'll be back here,
And we'll say it all again.

Happy Anniversary and many more!

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