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30th wedding anniversary speech

30th <a href='?p=25th_Wedding_Anniversary_Speech'><a href='?p=25th_Wedding_Anniversary_Speech'>wedding anniversary speech</a></a>If you are preparing a speech for the "30th wedding anniversary celebration", you would need to plan the speech - don't do it off the cuff - at least have a good idea of what you want to say before you stand up!

Make notes - first in the planning stage so that when a thought of something you want to include comes into your mind, you can write it down, and so you won't forget it. Second, don't be afraid to take a few notes (just prompts, not the entire speech or it will sound very flat if it is just read out) with you and have them in front of you as prompts when you give your speech

Break your "30th wedding anniversary poem" up into subjects - introduction, thanks, anecdotes, summary, toast

Practise your "30th wedding anniversary celebration" on your own, and tape it so that you can play it back to yourself - then you can refine it and get it right

Remember, everyone wants you to feel comfortable because they want to enjoy the day too - so no-one will be critical - they will all be on your side

Speak to everyone, and look up and at people, making eye contact from time to time - it keeps people listening

Keep your 30th anniversary wishes short - this is one of the golden rules - if you are concise, and to the point your audience will stay with you, and they will like your speech. If you go on for hours, they will soon get bored

When you listen to your "30th wedding anniversary poem", make sure it's not too formal - everyday speech is easier for most people to listen to. Also, when you are practising, try to avoid all the extra unnecessary words - the "ers" and the "ums," the "likes," and try to make sure you don't repeat yourself. Once said is enough!

Allow yourself to breath. Pauses can be very effective, particularly if people react, by laughing, or clapping, and pauses give you time to get your breath and to think about what you are going to say next. Use them in practise too.

Finally, good luck frm Bridesheaven!

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