5 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Wedding

The words ‘spontaneous’ and ‘wedding’ do not traditionally go together, unless they are both within a rom-com movie or chick flick. Many women dream of their big day for years, so when it is time to plan for their wedding, vast amounts of time are effort go into creating a perfect, flawless occasion. However, if you feel like curbing the trend by opting for a no-fuss, last-minute, spontaneous wedding, here is a quick guide to help avoid a rushed panic.

Be realistic

If you do opt for a quick, spontaneous wedding, be prepared for a few let downs. For example, your dream location may be fully booked for months or your perfect flowers may be out of stock. You may need to look more extensively for locations and items for your wedding. However, with a little perseverance and persuasion you can neatly pull everything together.

Get everyone involved

You will need all hands on deck to make sure everything gets done in time. A bride wanting a bit of control on her wedding day is to be expected, however, don’t let this get in the way of creating a lovely ceremony. Get the groom and his family involved and ask friends if they know people who can contribute to the service such as cake makers, chauffeurs or wedding planners.

Finishing touches

You may not have the time to secure everything for your wedding. However, you will find that final finishing touches can make all the difference to the look and feel of the event. Simple additions such as rose petals on table, garlands of freshly picked flowers and pretty tea-lights can inject some charm and elegance to a space.


Make a list of prioritised list rather than a jumbled list of everything that you will need. By doing this, you will have a clearer idea of how long certain things will take to order such as dresses and suits, cars and venues. A good idea is to let your bridesmaids wear their own appropriate dresses rather than ordering them yourself. You can also organise the list into different sections such as ‘outside’, ‘after party’ and ‘church’ to leave no stone unturned. Making sure that the service is fully covered by purchasing some cheap wedding insurance online such as my wedding insurance can also reduce stress in the run up to the big day.

Back to basics

Remember why you chose a quick wedding in the first place. You probably wanted a fuss-free, no frills occasion with close family and friends which simply celebrated the start of your new life with your groom. Choosing a low budget, back to basics wedding can sometimes be more romantic than a big, blowout day as you and your groom can put your own personal stamps on the ceremony and spend more time together rather than be tied down by months of planning. So instead of focusing on the finer details, relax and go with the flow and maybe wish for a bit of luck along the way. All the money that you could save can then be used for a gorgeous honeymoon or a bigger marital nest for years to come.

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