6 Wedding Don’ts to Avoid

A recent wedding ceremony has really got me thinking about wedding don’ts and how a few incidents can put a dampener on the big day. From an uncomfortable silence during the best man’s speech to last minute cancellations and a dodgy DJ, no amount of planning can predict what your guests may do. Here are 10 wedding don’ts to avoid on your big day to help you navigate through the wedding minefield. 

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

No, I’m not talking about the groom! Although hiring one company to take care of the wedding’s major elements does has its merits, always have a backup plan on standby in case the company cannot finish the entire order or they pull out altogether at the last minute. Contact your suppliers a week before the ceremony to make sure that everything is on schedule.

Don’t forget to include your fiancé 

It can be surprisingly easy to momentarily forget about your husband-to-be in a frilly haze of bridal magazines, appointments and planning. Organising your wedding together can bring you and your partner closer together, after all, it takes two to tango. A man’s favourite toy is his car, so why not let him choose the bridal car on the big day? Writing separate vows can also let your groom really express himself and share his feelings about you and the wedding. Other ways to share the ceremony include creating your wedding playlist together and formulating a harmonious guest list. 

Don’t scrap the rehearsal 

Although a wedding rehearsal isn’t essential, many wedding planners recommend this trial run to make sure that the ceremony goes smoothly on the big day. Take this opportunity to sort out timing issues, roles, seating and the order of the ceremony as well as planning the layout of the ceremony and dinner within your chosen venue.

Don’t forget your sense of humour

Don’t let stress and the significance of the event cloud your sense of humour. Being able to see the funny side when things go wrong may just save your sanity and keep you going through the day. The beauty of a wedding is its unpredictability which makes it unique and special to you. From a few dodgy jokes during the speeches to drunken behaviour and traditional pranks, expect the unexpected. 

Don’t choose a difficult venue 

Having your wedding overseas on a remote island or on the side of a mountain may seem like a good idea on paper (to some) but if you want to enjoy your special day with all of your loved ones, perhaps a more accessible location would be more suitable. Unfortunately, no amount of insurance and planning can control the weather so remember to pack some weather-proof makeup and a brolly! 

Don’t plan your hen night the day before the wedding!

Aim to have your hen do at least a week prior to the ceremony to avoid stumbles down the aisle and naps during the day. Many brides-to-be like to have a separate night for their family and friends to save granny from the blaring music!

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