8 Ways To Create The Perfect Floral Wedding

We don’t really know if this is a new trend (although when it comes to weddings, most themes tend to be reoccurring) but there are an increasing amount of flower power designs entering into play. Of course, flowers are strongly associated with weddings but in terms of how we display them, we are becoming much more adventurous. So as we are now well into wedding season, the Bride Heaven HQ have gathered some of the top floral ideas to create the wedding of your dreams. We have just selected the key details but you can easily customised for your theme. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination get the better of you!

The Cake:

The cake is always an important aspect when it comes to weddings and it must follow the theme of the entire day. You can be really free over the designs, the taste and the decoration including the floral elements. This all depends on your wedding colours but also on your budget. Your cake doesn’t always need to be a tower of delicious goodness. Looking to add height? Include the decoration for a big impact! For the majority, you will see pastel or white cakes in order to see the flowers better on it. Treat the icing as a tasty blank canvas. Not opting for one huge cake? Cupcakes and other food can be artfully presented on the table also adhering to your floral theme. For example, dress flowers on your cocktails or champagne glasses.

The Invite:

When you announced your engagement, it’s time to send the invites to your guests. Even from the offset, you need to decide your wedding day theme and stick to it. It allows your guests to consider their outfit options with plenty of time and creates excitement for the big day itself. Your guests will embrace the atmosphere even more. Why not offer friends and family a floral token as a kind of souvenir to take home? All designs are possible, from lilies every colour of the rainbow to lace and discreet.

The Centrepiece:

Even in weddings with a limited floral theme can use flowers sparingly with maximum impact. Your centrepieces can be made of flowers for a beautiful and incredible effect. From the variety of colours to the sheer size, bouquets are a good choice as a centrepiece. You have here some examples of creations you might want to reproduce for your own wedding.

The Car:

We all wish to hang empty cans behind your car like in the old movies but you can decorate even further. Depending on the car, and on your personal preferences, many designs and creations are possible to create. This will sign your departure to your honeymoon and your new life as a young couple so let it be incredibly creative! You can take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

The Decoration:

Flowers have always been key in decoration, whether it’s for a wedding or not so you cannot forget them on your big day. They can be included anywhere whether that’s the general decoration of your venue and reception place. From the aisles to the wall hangings, everything is possible and you could try to impress your guest with some incredible flower arrangements.

The Dress:

Let’s talk about the dress, arguably the most important element of the floral wedding planning and the possibilities are vast. Depending on the style you fancy, you can decorate accordingly. From the few examples we have selected, you can see the sheer amounts of amazing ways you can wear various designs from hippy chic to elaborate crowns. Either from the print or from the flowers sewn in it the result of your floral wedding will be perfect!

The Hairstyle:

The hairstyles also have to follow the floral theme. Hippy weddings are all the rage and what better way to accompany your floral dream gown than an amazing headdress or elaborate floral themed updo. From the headband to the top-knot surrounded by flowers or even decorating the veil, these creations are perfect.

The Venue:

The venue is an important detail to say the least and one way to incorporate the floral theme into the venue is a simple wedding arch. Why not take some inspiration from our college and add your own personality too.

With this complete overview of the perfect floral wedding, all we can say is Flower Power is back!


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