8 Wedding Superstitions and Traditions

Thousands of women plan their wedding down to a T, with every single detail addressed to perfection. So much so, they go to extreme lengths to avoid those superstitions to ensure absolutely nothing spoils their special day, and quite rightly too. 

When it comes to weddings everyone is allowed to be a little superstitious so for the very superstitious out there, here are eight top wedding traditions and superstitions you might want to avoid…

1. The most common traditional superstition is the bride and groom must not see each other before wedding!  The superstition, if broken, is said to bring bad luck upon the couple. The tradition actually stems from ancient history where the bride would reveal her face to the groom for the very first time on their wedding day. The first time the groom should lay eyes on the bride is when she is walking down the aisle! 

2. Don’t drop the ring! Another very common tradition that is said to bring a seriously bad omen is if the groom drops the ring. It is supposed that whoever drops the ring will be the one to die first. No pressure! 

3. On the topic of rings, it is also considered bad luck to shop for wedding rings on a Friday, and this is because of the bad connotations associated with Friday 13th! No worries, there are plenty of other days in the week! 

4. Doom and gloom is said to be wished upon the bride if she wears her entire wedding outfit, head to toe before the big day. So here’s a tip… Try each item on once at a time, that way the complete outfit is revealed on the big day, as a lovely surprise for everyone, especially the groom! 

5. The groom should always carry the bride over the threshold into their new home; this is because if she trips, a lifetime of bad luck can be expected! 

6. Weather is another important player in wedding superstitions; do not fear if it rains on your big day, it is actually considered good luck! If there is a full moon a couple of days before the wedding or on the night before then this is also considered good luck, and of course if you spot a rainbow that is said to bring the most luck of all!  

7. The bride should have no involvement with the sizing of her dress, as it is said that each stitch represents each tear that will be shed throughout the marriage... Probably best to leave that one to the tailors! 

8. Crying on your wedding day is actually seen as good luck because it signifies the bride has cried out all of her tears which means she will not shed any throughout her marriage (unless she made her own dress of course!) 

You may not necessarily be superstitious but following these wedding traditions will make your day that little bit more exciting and there’s no harm in trying to avoid bad luck, as every bride wants that perfect wedding day.  

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