African American Bridal Hairstyle

Your wedding day will be one of the most significant days in your life. Every bride wants to feel like a princess and look amazing on her special day. Having your hair look fabulous is one of the most important factors to most brides.

Having the best haircut for their wedding is very important for any bride. Bridal hairstyles are beautiful,elegant and good looking. One of these hairstyles with appropriate jewels and make-up makes you look gorgeous. Add some hair accessories to your hair and its enough to make you look great.

A braided Bob hairstyle can be a wonderful way for African American women to wear their hair for this special occasion.
Not only is a braided Bob hairstyle beautiful and glamorous for formal events such as weddings, they are also easy to maintain.

Micro braids, which are also known as invisible braids and cornrows, are two popular styles of braiding. Micro braids are a striking, versatile and fairly easy on your hair. Unlike cornrows, you can wear micro braids for up to two months without the risk of causing lasting damage to your locks.

Those brides with short hair can also have an updo. Tiny knots can be created from the nape of the neck and then twisting the hair by fanning them out. This gives an impression of a fanned out updo. If you have natural wavy hair then a side parting of the hair can be done, to make the hair look fuller. The hair can then be clipped by several hair jewels in antique silver or some shiny gems to make the bride stand apart.

Although you can sport a sophisticated braided Bob hairstyle for your formal event, no matter what the length of your hair, shorter locks are often more suitable because there is less chance of hair breakage

Before your wedding day arrives, you will want to prepare your hair for your braided Bob hairstyle. You can either visit a salon for a hot oil treatment, which will replenish damaged and dry locks or you can treat yourself at home. You will also want to moisturize and deep condition your tresses and have them trimmed to remove split ends.

To keep your braided Bob hairstyle looking the best that it can, avoid using heavy shampoos, conditioners, pomades and other styling products as they can leave a build-up of residue on your braids. This in turn will cause your scalp to flake. Every so often, you should also make time to use light oil on your scalp to help moisturize your head and hair.

You can opt to do your braided Bob hairstyle by yourself, or ask a friend to help you. Once you have you basic braided Bob hairstyle in place, the styling options are endless.

You are limited only by your imagination. With elastics, headpieces, and hair jewelry, you can create countless, glamorous braided Bob hairstyles.

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