African Nigerian traditional weddings

African Nigerian traditional weddingsMost marriages start at a very early age and usually lasts a lifetime. There are three types of marriages in the Nigerian society: the traditional marriage held in the house of the woman ; the official wedding, held in a registry office and which allows only one wife; and the religious marriage. The Christian marriage is similar to that in western societies, while the Islamic marriage permits up to four wives.

The bride price or dowry differs with tribes but usually consists of money, wine and cattle. Nigeria is one of the countries where the man is expected to come up with a "bride price".

Although a woman may decide to leave her husband and return to her family, she may not be welcomed back unless she has a good reason for having left. If he has not mistreated her, he will expect the payment to be returned if she leaves.


Traditional African weddings

Traditional African weddingsIn keeping with the African tradition, many African American couples choose to wear authentic African attire to their weddings. There are plenty of locations to get custom made authentic African wedding attire, and you can purchase the fabrics made in Africa and have your outfit designed and made locally. There is much less formality in African wedding dress, and the colors are often much more festive than in a typical wedding. Although traditionally, African wedding attire used the colors of red (for the blood that was shed), gold (to prosperity), and green (a nod to the land itself), many brides choose to have their traditional African style attire done in a more bridal appearing white, usually with gold or silver accents.

Divorce is rare in African marriages. Problems in a marriage are often discussed with both families and solutions found. Often entire villages join in to help a couple find solutions to their problems and keep a marriage from failing.

Marriage is sacred the world over, and that is definitely true in Africa, no matter which region or which culture you come from, and no matter what your religious beliefs. In fact, many cultures have a special totem that is designed to remind a couple that cultural and tribal differences must be allowed for in order to make a marriage succeed.

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