African ethnic wedding dresses

nigerian wedddingThe right African wedding dress, properly selected and worn correctly, can add a lot to a wedding that celebrates your heritage. Unlike the standard run of white gowns, colorful dresses from Africa can brighten your day and show how important it is. African wedding dresses are particularly popular among women who find that fitting mass produced dresses is difficult. Since most of these dresses are based on a Caucasian build, they may not fit women of African descent well without a lot of alteration. Wearing an African wedding dress will let you look your best, and add to the joy and energy of your special day.

During the period of slavery this country, African American couples were not allowed to legally marry. As a public statement of their love and commitment, with drums beating in the background, a man and woman jumped over a broom "into matrimony." The broom has long held significant meaning for many Africans because it symbolizes the start of homemaking for the newlywed couple. Some African-American couples today are choosing to include this symbolic rite in their wedding ceremony, directly before the recession. Smooth cowrie shells, which are believed to encourage fertility, are worn in bridal necklaces and used as decorative accents to trim gowns, jackets, and headpieces. The shells, found off the coast of West Africa, were once used as money. Today they are used for purification and as a symbol of beauty and power.

The African bridal gowns are made up of African woven cloth reflecting personal, societal, religious and political culture of this continent. Kente cloth is the primary woven fabric originally produced by the Ashanti peoples. The traditional red, gold and green in the design are the colors of freedom recognized by people of Africa. The outfits based on these colors represent the African culture and beliefs and can be worn if your wedding is based on the African theme.

Brides choosing an African themed wedding don't have to wear gowns that are entirely authentic, either. It's possible to have a special dress created in a more modern style, but with the colors and patterns of authentic African wedding dresses. Of course, these specialty gowns will have a higher price tag attached. However, many dressmakers have fairly reasonable rates, and you may find that a custom dress costs you less than having a commercial one altered. If you're thinking about a wedding with a heritage theme, consider an African wedding dress. It can make a big difference in how your wedding looks and feels, and is one excellent way to celebrate your personal history.


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