Before the Chinese Wedding Day and ceremony

Chinese wedding tradition dictates that before her wedding day, the bride will go into isolation with just her closest friends as company. The groom’s family will generally bring the bride several gifts in red baskets before the big day, some of which can actually be returned in by the bride’s family a few days later in a separate bearing of gifts; these baskets will contain various possessions of the bride to ensure she has all her chattels before moving in with her new husband.
The groom is not immune from a bit of pampering either. Chinese wedding tradition dictates that on a Chinese wedding day the groom is symbolically dressed, hopefully not from scratch, by his mother and father before setting off to the bride’s house to pick her up. And so we move onto the ceremony...

Chinese Wedding Traditions – Chinese Wedding Ceremony

The day for Chinese marriages is carefully chosen in accordance with astrological signs and the lunar calendar so as to maintain luck and good health on a very important day.
When the groom arrives to pick up his bride he will bring with him gifts of money wrapped in red tissue, to pay the bride’s friends to release her into his control.  Often the couple will offer the waiting families tea before kneeling in front of them to ask final permission to wed, the tea providing a symbol of respect and honour. After they are (hopefully) given the go-ahead, they set off for the location of the wedding which could be any manner of setting, though nowadays will generally be a temple or chapel.
Another endearingly eccentric Chinese wedding tradition is the habit of marrying on the half hour rather than on the hour. With the clockwise turns of an analogue clock face, this means the hands are on the up rather than moving downwards – this enables the Chinese wedding to begin on the upturn to ensure prosperity, happiness and well-being.

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