Best Man Roles And Responsibilities

Much emphasis is placed on the Maid of Honor, but interestingly enough the selection and role of the Best Man is most critical for the groom.

The Best Man is not only one of the facilitators of the day's event as it relates to the groom, but he is best suited to deal with the contingencies of the day including;

- Seeing that the groom makes it successfully to the alter
- Assists in any or unforeseen reception problems or unexpected guests (such as angry ex-girlfriends)
- Ensures the groom maintains his composure and does not make a fool of himself
- Confirm wedding transportation reservations
- Check for forgotten items
- And finally, to see to that the groom and bride successfully make it on their way to their honeymoon.

As the Best Man, you can see that you have an important role and are expected to be of formidable character, reliable and resourceful.

Below is a quick reference check list that you can print and keep by your side. Don’t become overwhelmed with this list. You will find that many of the roles will come natural, plus you will also be surrounded by friends, family and the bridal party; all that will be more than willing to help.

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