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Bridal shoes, bride shoes, wedding shoes, whatever you might call them, they’re a vital part of the wedding get up for the bride. You might be thinking all about the dress and hair before the big day, but the bridal shoes are as important a piece of the get-up as anything else. It’s not like you want to wear wellies is it?

bridal bride <a href='?p=designer_wedding_shoes_from_jimmy_choo_to_vera_wang'><a href='?p=designer_wedding_shoes_from_jimmy_choo_to_vera_wang'>wedding shoes</a></a>

Choosing The Right Pair of Wedding Shoes

Choosing the right pair of bridal shoes can be a difficult process. Some might prefer to take the closest bride shoes from the shop they have bought the wedding dress – it’s convenient, but not always the cheapest or most appropriate option. Others turn to designer bridal shoes – expensive but perhaps more fitting with the dress. But these options don’t always appeal to everyone.

There a few things to consider when choosing the right pair of wedding shoes:

1/ Do they match the wedding dress? You’ll look pretty silly wearing a stunning pair of red shoes with a white dress after all...

2/ Do you want the shoes to be subtle or eye catching? If you’re dress has a pattern then the bridal shoes might need the same to blend in, that is of course, if you want them to.

3/ Do you want heels? Think about where you might be walking and on what – you don’t want to be falling over every five minutes.

4/ Are you going to keep them on for most of the day? If so you might need comfortable bridal shoes or very sturdy feet.

Cheap Bridal Shoes

Not all bridal shoes come cheap, but there are plenty of options out there – even for designer bridal shoes. Check out charity shops, there’s often some great buys there. Don’t be afraid to get second hand wedding shoes, they’re likely to have only been worn once! Ebay is another option, or even borrowing them off a friend. So long as they match and fit it’s a great way to save money for what might be more important for you on your big day!

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