Brother of the bride wedding speech

The Brother of the bride wedding speech is one where a brother gives the positive traits of his sister. Brother of the bride wedding speech is one of the short wedding speeches, which can be given by the bride's brother in place of their father. Brother of the bride wedding speech should start with congratulations to the couple on their hard work and planning.

Some people feel they need to write their brother of the bride wedding speech. The speech can be well planned, thought out and even finally written. The speech should briefly state what the brothers feeling and good wishes towards the couple. A few love quotes and/ or jokes can be included in wedding speeches to make it less formal.

One wedding speech example that a brother can give is as follows:
"I toast my sister to honor her wedding day, but more important in memory of the years we have spent together. My heart is filled with unspeakable pride. The memories of all we shared will be with me always. I love you, sister, you will be part of my life forever."

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