Bulgarian Orthodox wedding

bulgarian weddingEven today many couples still observe the ancient engagement rites just as they have been handed down for generations. Even in ancient times a wedding required the agreement of the bride, something not true in many cultures. Traditionally the prospective groom would send his closest friend to his intended’s home to ask her father for his blessing. If the father agreed to the marriage he would then ask his daughter three times if she wished to marry. If she answered “Yes” all three times then she was considered pre-engaged and the prospective groom was invited to the house.

The actual engagement takes place on a holiday or on a Sunday. Relatives and neighbors are invited and a small feast is held. It is during this meeting that details of the marriage are agreed upon. An agreement made during this engagement feast is considered legal and binding. The engagement lasts from one day to a year or even longer depending on local customs.

Just before the marriage ceremony is to take place the groom’s friends throw him a bachelor party and the bride’s friends throw her a party as well. In olden times there was a great deal of ritual involved with the parties, but today the parties are similar to the parties in the United States or Western Europe. Even so, this is a time for the man and the woman to bid their single friends farewell.

Bulgarian wedding gypsy music

Bulgarian music is part of the Balkan tradition, which stretches across Southeastern Europe, and has its own distinctive sound. Traditional Bulgarian music has had more international success,due to the breakout international success of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, a woman's choir that has topped world music charts across Europe and even farther abroad.

Bulgarian wedding ceremonies

The traditional Bulgarian wedding is one of the most important and central ceremonial moments, in a series of national rites and rituals, connected with a person’s life. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the Bulgarian wedding ritual had been preserved in its entirety as a series of festivities, rich with elements of folk drama. These festivities consisted of a pre-marriage, marriage and after marriage rites and rituals. Today, nearly all of the original rituals have been preserved.

Bulgarian wedding Bride dress

Girls arrive gussied up in their finest clothes and jewelry, faces caked in makeup, eager to show prospective spouses their beauty. Younger brothers and sisters tag along to eat sweets and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

As one mother explained to Britain's Daily Mail, "We take our daughters to this gathering so they could get acquainted with boys, for we do not allow our children to go to discos." Word on the street is that a beautiful young woman can fetch several thousand euros.

Bulgarian wedding songs

In Christian ceremonies, the mother of the groom sits in the first pew while in Jewish wedding ceremonies, the mother of the bride groom escorts her son down the aisle and stands with him at the ‘chuppah’.
So here are some popular mother son wedding songs:

1. ‘A Song for My Son’ by Mikki.
2. ‘Because You Loved Me’ by Celine Dion.
3. ‘In My Life’ by Beatles.
4. ‘Through the Years’ by Kenny Rodgers.
5. ‘Wind beneath My Wings’ by Bette Midler.

Thus, such ‘Mother Son’ wedding songs definitely go a long way in making the wedding a perfect wedding party.

Bulgarian wedding balkan music

Amza Tairov is one of the most famous Tallava / Roma Music Musicians. Popular throughout most of the Balkan Roma Communities, Amza is known for revitalizing the synthesizer from a cheaper substitute for a original instrument into something regarded with respect in its own right in the Roma Community. With lightning fast finger work combined with lavish embellishments, the music has a ranges from fast paced dancing music to sorrowful notes lingering in the night.


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