Celebrate the End of Singledom with the Perfect Hen Party

Your big day is already around the corner and you have all your wedding prep sorted. All that is left now is the hen do! Treat this night with your closest friends and family as the end of a single era before embarking upon married life. At least the hen do is one less thing to worry about as many parties are left to the maid of honour to organise. However, if you want to get stuck in and help out so that everyone (including yourself) has a good time, then here are some tips towards creating a perfect hen do to remember. 
If you are organising the hen with the maid of honour, this will save any communication problems which could lead to the night not turning out the way you had hoped. You must make sure that your maid of honour understands your pros and cons when it comes to a great party, what style or theme you are wanting and lastly, how much you and your guests can practically afford, especially if it a weekend-long do. The quicker you get details sorted for your hen party, the quicker deals and package offers can be looked at to save more money for enjoying yourselves. 

If you would like to spend time with friends and family before your big day but feel that you would rather spend time with them separately, many brides opt for two hen nights. Many of these double celebrations are kept different by spending a relaxing day or evening with family at home and then going out and having some drinks and a dance with friends. If you do decide to do this, even though your family have probably seen it before, organise the family gathering before the night out on the town to save any hangover worries around your relatives. 

Perhaps whilst you and your husband are organising your separate dos, you will find that the majority of your friends overlap into both sides. Many modern couples are now opting for a joint hen and stag do to solve this problem. This option may save you some honeymoon spending money too. Hire out a private room at a restaurant or go away for the weekend with everyone. If after the meal you decide that you need some time to yourself away from your groom to be, you can always split into two groups for drinks then meet up again later. Arrange with everyone a fall back meeting point at a specific time in case anyone should get lost later into the night. 

Always fully equip guests with mobile numbers and email addresses just in case they need to get in touch about their invite, directions to any meeting point or if they get lost on the night. 
Choose a location which is easy and accessible to everyone so that you can enjoy this time with all your loved ones. Take into account the drinking habits of your friends and family by first meeting up at your home then taking a taxi to wherever you are going. This forward thinking will save people worrying about their cars the next morning. To make sure that wherever you are planning to go isn’t already fully booked, book well in advance once you have a rough idea of how many guests will be attending. Confirm this request by email or in writing just in case any complications arise later on. 

If you fancy ending your single life in style and going for something big, keep numbers to a minimum by only selecting your closest friends. Think in advance whether these friends will also get along well with each other to save any awkwardness which may spoil all your planned hard work. Maid of honours, if you are planning something more elaborate than a night on the tiles, inform guests about any extra gear they will need to bring such as certain clothes and props. 
After all the hard work, you can sit back and relax with your nearest and dearest, ready for the big day ahead. 

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