Chignon bun hairstyle

Chignon buns can be easily styled for formal, messy, prom, and bridal looks. The chignon bun in 2009 is a modern style that becomes any hairstyle need.

Wear to work when you need a polished and clean look remembering that subtly in it is and art and understated is the first choice for class.


Your artistic flair can be let loose for casual social occasions, choosing chignon buns that are messy and loose with a sexy edge.

Leave long strands at sides and pull a few from the bun to look as if they "accidentally" happened.


Occasionally we see a celebrity wearing a half chignon (half updo), as in the first picture of the chignon pictures series here (Abbie Cornish).


Your basic options for chignons include classic neat and tight, or sophisticated and messy, just like with other updos. In the photo gallery here (menu above, top left), there are photos of Kate Bosworth in a neat, tight chignon; whereas Brittany Murphy has a messy chignon.


A few of the ladies like Scarlett Johansson have bangs with their buns. They are less common but she shows they can look very sharp and cute, too.


Chignons are typically cute bun hairstyles by default. You don't have to try very hard to make chignons look cute. That's the natural beauty of pure elegance.


How to achieve this celebrity hairstyle: 

Brush hair back firmly and hold at the back of the neck. With the other hand tightly twist it around itself to create tension in the hair. letting the chignon almost shape itself, hold the chignon at the center with your index finger of the left hand and wind the rest of the hair around. Carefully push the ends under the chignon and fasten with your choice of pins. I highly suggest using similar colored bobby pins, make sure they are coated to prevent snags and breakage of the hair. Becki Newton has the top part of this chignon set to the side, and the top also loose, by practicing with these simple instructions you can fashion a chignon hairstyle many ways.


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