Chinese Wedding Food

After the ceremony is complete, the reception in Chinese wedding traditions is generally in the format of a large banquet. Chinese wedding tradition dictates these are huge fares with often over ten courses to gobble down in the festivities. Within the ten courses you’ll find delicacies such as roasted pig, shark’s fin soup and bird’s nest soup amongst many other Chinese wedding food delights. Don’t worry though, Chinese wedding tradition also means there’ll be a vast cake with many layers, symbolising the ladder the couple will rise up to success.

Further Chinese Wedding Traditions

There are endless additions to the list to be made, such is the vast spread of cultures and peoples around China. Here are a few more general Chinese wedding traditions you might like to read:

•    A new bed – the parents of the couple will often club together to buy the wedded pair a new bed, not for any slightly disturbing and creepy reasons, but because a new bed signifies a new start and hopes to help their fertility. In a slightly more bizarre twist the night before the wedding the groom is expected to sleep on the bed while a young nephew bounces on it, again to help fertility, though quite how the groom is expected to sleep is anyone’s guess.
•    Musical entertainment varies hugely – in Chinese wedding tradition it was largely dictated by the wealth of the families, today it is more a matter of taste. You will find a wide range in receptions from an orchestra to a singular guitar player.
•    The guests will often shake each others’ hands before they leave the reception.
•    Dating back to the Ch'in and Han dynasties over 1000 years ago, some Chinese couples may choose to have a lion dance – during which decorative lions (not actual ones!) dance to a noisy crescendo of cymbals, drums and gongs. They may even (should the couple wish) accompany the party to the ceremony.


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