Chocolate fountains and visiting wedding cake makers

Visiting wedding cake makers

Some cake makers specialize in cutting-edge designs and will have websites with photographs of their cakes. However, like many other aspects of the arrangements, a personal visit to the supplier —to sample the taste of the cake and to take a first-hand look at their spectacular creations — is a must. Although time-consuming, it is always beneficial in the long run to spend a while getting to know your suppliers and building a relationship with them, as they will then be able to offer a more personal service and you will feel more assured. There area few cake makers renowned for creating wonderful wedding cakes in unusual mediums. Designs featuring a conical shape wrapped from top to bottom in edible sugar parchment, or covered in mini cones of sugar parchment which can be dusted to your colour scheme, and towers of dark, white and milk chocolate chards dominate the showrooms. Options such as dessert cakes, with mini summer puddings, fancies and parcels of individually-wrapped cake are very cost effective as they double-up bothas the gorgeous centrepiece for the wedding photographs as well as replacing a dessert on the menu, therefore saving money.

Chocolate fountains

As an alternative to the wedding cake — or perhaps as an alternative to a dessert — a chocolate fountain, using Belgian dark, milk or white chocolate, has become a new and exciting addition to the proceedings! The spectacle, taste and aroma of warm chocolate cascading down the fountain will keep your guestsen,eX, d and talking long after the day. These are extremely popular for weddings now, and fountains can be hired from numerous outlets, some with displays on fabulous perspex bases lit with multi-coloured neon to suit your theme. This centrepiece comes into its own in the evening, when the lights are dimmed. Guests can help themselves to a delight of scrumptious dipping foods arranged in chequerboards on the clear perspex and in funky-coloured glass bowls. Foods such as: fresh strawberries, pineapple and kiwi, decadently delicious flapjacks, almond and pistachio nougat, heart-shaped marshmallows, brownies and meringues or homemade Cornish fudge in mouth-watering flavours. White chocolate is often chosen for the fountain as it resembles the look of a wedding cake; however, it is possible to create the most tempting combinations of chocolate to - satisfy your every whim, for example chocolate orange, strawberry chocolate, mint chocolate —    list is endless!

TOP tip

Specialist cake maker Linda FrIpp says: T the budget is tight, or if the number of guests is smaller than the size that a dramatic cake caters for, ask for the base of the cake to be real - so that when you cut into it, you are able to cut a slice - whereas the remainder of the cake could be fake, but covered in authentic decoration to give the illusion of a complete masterpiece! This way, the costs are kept to a minimum as the cake is whisked away for cutting, and behind-the-scenes staff have been provided with a pre-prepared cutting cake in the desired flavour to give to your guests.

Champagne/wine fountains

Fifties film star Jayne Mansfield had such a passion for pink that she had a fountain of rose champagne installed in her Hollywood mansion. You could follow her ultra glamorous lead on your big day or, fora more budget-friendly option, use sparkling wine instead. Glasses are filled from a continuous flowing fountain of wine or champagne, and you and your guests can fill your glasses all night long in a fun and stylish way. These devices can be hired if you are organizing your own party and uniformed staff accompany the fountain to keep it topped up and to maintain the replacement of the glasses.

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