Considering your Budget for a Bridesmaid Gift

They have been there for you through all of the planning and stressing. They gave you a bridal shower, threw you a bachelorette party, were a shoulder to cry on at times, but also a friend to laugh with; they are your dearest confidants.

These friends have been chosen as your bridesmaids, special women in your life who have been there for you. You honor them by letting them play an integral role on your wedding day. They will be there to support you, adore you, and be beautiful figures to garnish your wedding party.

And for these reasons, these special women are deserving of a fitting bridesmaid gift, specialized to their liking, and personalized from your heart. Among the many purchases the bride must spend for her wedding, she doesn't have to go for broke to buy her bridesmaids a personalized gift. Affordable or not, the giving of a bridesmaid gift shows your appreciation and consideration to these women. Here are some ideas for a bridesmaid gift to accommodate your budget.

Photo albums

Photo albums are great gifts to the bridesmaid who frequently takes pictures and these visual memories are worthy of being displayed. How many times have you developed your pictures, only to maintain the majority of exposures hidden away in storage? The five photos you decide to frame are spotlighted in your home while the rest of your pictures are collecting dust. Photo albums are the solution to preserving and acknowledging these visual memories.

Your budget can be flexible with photo albums, available at most stores and at various prices. Considering her favorite colors or designs will get you in the right mode to pick a fitting photo album for your bridesmaid.


Fruit-scented body splash or celebrity-endorsed perfumes are just a few degrees of body scents that you can give your bridesmaid. With the economical choice of body splash, you can throw in some other favors like lotions, soaps or scrubs, turning it into a gift basket. If you'd rather resort to an exclusive choice of perfume, department stores offer a wide selection of perfumes to choose from.

Choosing perfume for your bridesmaid is a luxury that she might not indulge on unless it was a gift. The perfume you give your bridesmaid will be a refreshing scent as she uses it to wear on all occasions.


If your want to go a little further into your spending budget, your bridesmaid will always look splendid in jewelry. A way to honor her is by looking into a charm as a bridesmaid gift. A small charm will commemorate her role in her friend's wedding. If your bridesmaid has a charm bracelet, this special friend charm will be a great addition to her many charms.

If she doesn't have a bracelet, giving her a charm bracelet will encourage her to start collecting charms of some of her favorite treasures, starting with the friendship charm from you.

Years after your wedding, your bridesmaid will remember the sentimental gift you've given her because it was thoughtful, not because it was expensive or low-priced. The budget you have set for a bridesmaid gift should be carefully considered, but just remember the wise belief that it is the thought that counts.

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