DIY Wedding Ideas

With the most popular wedding season being our glorious British summertime, we know you organised folks will begin planning the big event any day now. With that in mind, hare a few chic DIY wedding ideas for the future Bride and Groom to sink their teeth into, which will give your special day a personal touch that your guests will never forget. 

1- DIY Wedding Invitations

With the wonders of today’s technology, design your own wedding invitations has never been easier. We often use the invitations to help our guests visualise the tone of our big day and there are countless services out there to help you accomplish this. Oh So Beautiful Paper is a fabulous site for some rather elegant handmade designs which will help to bestow some inspiration. Warning, prepare to browse for hours. 

2- DIY centrepieces

Why not establish some gently ambience with your own homemade candle centre pieces? Not only will they save you money, they will create an enchanting wedding reception that your guests will remember forever. The sky is your limit as far as candles go.  

Recycling your glass jars and then purchasing some fine lace to wrap around is perfect as a centre piece and can even be used for lanterns too. TIP: polish the lace with fabric stiffener so that the lace won’t fray once cut. Another brilliant idea is to cut fresh flowers and place in tall glass vases filled with water. And for ambiance, add floating tea light candles. Voilà, 

3- DIY menus 

Now we know this is what the guest are really waiting for, to tuck into a three, maybe four course meal if they’re lucky. After weeks of tasting sessions, it’s now time to illustrate your etiquette taste into your DIY menus accordingly. We know some guests like to take the menus home as souvenirs, but lets face it, it is impossible to please all, so below are 4 very different ideas to sustain the minds eye.

4 – DIY tableware

With the argument of who sits next to who aside, personalised coasters give the average ol’ coaster a run for its money and your guests can even take them home as a wedding gift. Talk about 2 birds and 1 stone! 

We suggest creating your own personalised tableware from your favourite images. Start the evening with smiles from your nearest and dearest with a picture of yourself and guest on the coasters.

Or for a cheaper alternative, a black chalk placemat works just as well. 

Kirsty Hall is a freelance copy writer in the bridal industry. You can find more of her articles on beauty and healthcare on

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