Great groomswear - top tips

Since his outfit dictates what the rest of the men in the main bridal party will wear, the groom needs to set the right tone. Formal wear, bought or hired, is the traditional choice for a church wedding and a smart dark-coloured lounge suit for a civil ceremony. For a wedding abroad, you may go for something cooler and more informal.


Do and Don't

Do encourage the groom to wear something that he will feel comfortable in. It really matters that he feels good because then he’ll look good, too. Do try out different options and listen to the advice of his tailor. Do encourage him to wear something different from his ushers and the other main men in your wedding party. Don’t leave the arrangements until the last minute – a good suit takes approximately eight weeks to make, and you should allow time for one or two fittings. Don’t let him order a smaller sized suit in the hope that he will tone up before the big day – a suit can be taken in, but not out!



Morning wear: A popular choice for a formal wedding, this traditionally consists of grey striped trousers, a black, grey or navy single-breasted tailcoat, wing collar shirt, waistcoat, silk tie or cravat and sometimes a top hat.

Frock coat: Quite a flamboyant look, these can be plain, patterned brocade, velvet or silk. They generally reach down to mid-thigh and are worn with a standard or Nehru-style collar. They are worn with plain black trousers, white shirt and cravat.

Highland dress:
Scottish grooms will cut a stylish dash in complete Highland morning or evening dress.

Military uniform: A member of the armed forces will usually wear his uniform to his wedding.

Lounge suit: Appropriate for a contemporary wedding, this is your groom's chance to splash out on a designer suit.

Black tie: A glamorous choice for a late wedding, men wear a dinner jacket and trousers, white shirt and black bow tie. Women wear evening dress. Specify 'black tie' on the invitations.


Groom's accessories

Cufflinks: These should suit the formality of a wedding and are available in just about every style and colour imaginable.

Hat: Top hats are not as popular as they once were but they do complete the formal wear style — even though you don't usually wear the topper but just carry it in your left hand.
Jewellery: Most grooms will just wear a watch and a wedding band later in the day.

Shoes: Black shoes are the only option, regardless of the colour of the suit. They should preferably be new and definitely well polished. Tie: There are three main choices: the standard tie; the cravat, which is normally worn with morning wear; and the bow tie, usually worn at more formal evening celebrations.

Waistcoat: Usually the groom and his attendants wear matching waistcoats that complement the colour scheme of the wedding. It is traditional to leave the bottom button undone.

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