Greek Wedding Traditions

Greek culture has developed into many different sides, split by religion, history and geography. It is because of this you will find many different types of Greek wedding traditions – Greek Orthodox weddings, Greek Cypriot weddings, Ancient Greek weddings and several more. In this section you can find out the main Greek wedding traditions and their meanings and roots.


Greek Wedding Traditions – Proposal and Engagement

\"\\"\\"\" In line with most European wedding traditions, the proposal is undertaken after permission has been sought by the groom from the bride’s family. However, unlike many European countries, the engagement and formal exchange of rings in Greek wedding traditions is done in the presence of both families – this process is actually considered as binding as the wedding itself.

The dowry, though since obsolete in many areas, still holds strong in Greek wedding traditions. The mother of the bride will spend many years collecting lots of household essentials for her daughter to ensure that when the marriage takes place, the bride can set up her housekeeping straight away.
Marriage is still cherished as a sacrament by most Greeks and so it is not likely to be undertaken as a folly – the couple will only agree to marry when they fully understand and accept the implications of the wedding.

Greek Wedding Traditions – Before the Wedding

In Greek wedding Traditions, much like other countries, the date of the wedding itself must be chosen carefully. However, in Greece this is not just a matter of luck and superstition – couples cannot marry on Christian holidays such as Lent and Christmas for it is forbidden by law. Though it is unlucky to marry on certain days in other cultures, it is most definitely unlucky to find yourself prosecuted for an illegal wedding before your first anniversary.


The engagement rings eventually serve as wedding rings, and are twice blessed by a priest upon the marriage agreement, once before the ceremony, once during. If you’re looking for a slightly more interesting Greek wedding tradition – try this one on for size: to bring fertility and joy to the new marriage before the ceremony, babies are rolled on the matrimonial bed, one assumes and hopes quite gently. It is also advised that the babies are returned home afterwards to avoid a shock for the lucky couple after the wedding.
In the run-up to the wedding, many Greek couples get their parents to arrange musicians to play traditional Greek songs while the bride and groom prepare – in keeping with the lively Greek wedding traditions, this can often involve dancing and drinking to start the day on a high.

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