Greek Wedding Traditions - Superstitions

Here are some more Greek wedding superstitions you might like to consider if planning or researching Greek wedding traditions:
1)    One rather profitable Greek tradition is the money dance. Instead of giving a gift a guest might choose to pin several notes onto the couple’s outfits during the dance…hopefully without doing too much damage to the bride or groom themselves.
2)    The groom cannot be worried about looking his best – sometimes he will be serenaded at the reception, and is expected to have a ceremonial wet shave in front of the family and guests.
3)    Somewhat strangely, spitting is considered good luck in Greek Wedding Traditions, so don’t expect to stay dry.
4)    Don’t miss the legendary and well known Greek Circle Dance – this is generally undertaken at all major Greek events, but one with the whole family is not to be missed!

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