Groom Speech Tips

Possibly the part of a wedding the groom dreads most is the groom's speech.  Whilst the best man's address is traditionally a light-hearted and humorous piece, though of course it does depend on the best man and his elocutionary talents, the groom's speech is generally a more heartfelt and moving talk. It is one that should be remembered by the lucky couple for all the right reasons, and so unsurprisingly it requires careful and precise preparation. Fortunately you've come to the right place for the best groom speech tips on the web, and all for free too!

Essential Groom's Speech Requirements

Here are just a few things you should never forget in your groom toast!
1/ Thank the bride's father for his speech (which will have been beforehand), and for bringing up a beautiful daughter – thank the mother too!
2/ Thank the guests for coming, and for their gifts
3/ Thank your parents – obviously for bringing up such an amazing groom!
4/ Might be best to compliment and thank the bride too!
5/ Thank the best man, often you will give him a gift for doing a good job
6/ Thank the bridesmaids and the best of the bridal party, and anyone else who might have helped with the wedding, family or not.

Groom's Speech Tip No. 1

It's all very well having all the guests uproariously entertained by your speech and your carefully written jokes, but there's one person you might well have missed – and the bride isn't going to be too happy if all she can take from your speech is some embarrassing memories being spread round family and friends. As the groom, you know more than anyone else in the world what your lady wants from the groom speech. The bride may be happy at an endless conveyor belt of hilarious anecdotes and clever one-liners, it might be what your relationship is based on – but it's more likely she'll want a nice heartfelt message of love at the crux of your groom's speech.  You're the best judge of that one!

Groom's Speech Tip No. 2

The groom's toast can be well served by the carefully picking of anecdotes. Memories are a great way to connect with your audience – whether it's that time your comically aggressive uncle got in a drunken fight with an oak tree or a more tender and personal reminiscence of the first time you met the bride, your speech audience will connect with the stories. It's often nice to start with a couple of funny stories, but make sure you throw in the important luvvy-duvvy tales that sum up your relationship. A balanced series of anecdotes can really make the groom's toast shine.

Groom's Speech Tip No. 3

No-one cares if your clichéd. Talking about things you would imagine are in every last groom's speech isn't necessarily a bad thing – it's difficult to be original. Speaking about the first time you met your bride, or the time you knew you'd always been together might seem a little cheesy at first, but you can make them work by personalising and adapting them to your own relationship. A groom speech is always going to tread on familiar ground, it's nothing to be ashamed of!

Groom's Speech Tip No. 4

Keep it clean. Might be best to go easy on the Dutch courage for your speech rather than slur your way through the words, and definitely keep out of dangerous territory such as smutty anecdotes and jokes. Don't mention old girlfriends – it probably won't go down brilliantly; nor will bad language. Remember your groom speech audience will be full of wedding guests of a wide variety of ages, it's unlikely that those at either end of the scale will appreciate effing and blinding too much...

Groom Speech Tip No. 5

Prepare your groom's speech well in advance, you don't want to be writing it the night before your wedding!  Don't be afraid to ask for help either, it might be that friends and family have more tips that even Google can't help you with!

Bonus Groom's Speech Tip

Don't get nervous, the likelihood is that most of your audience have already had one too many buck's fizzes or are too distracted by your noisy 8 month old cousin to care about what you've got to say!

So there you have it, the very best groom speech tips that should help you to glory on the big day. Don't forget, everyone is on your side so there's no need for nerves; if you make a mistake in your speech it's not the end of the world, just laugh and carry on. Most importantly, be yourself, a groom speech always works best when the groom doesn't seem to be reading forced lines off a sheet, memorise it well and take some reminders with you and you'll cruise on through. And once you've succeeded - leave us some comments and let us know how your groom speech goes! We'd love to hear from you!


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