Groom wedding speech

The big day is approaching at breakneck speed. There are arrangements to be finalised and a stag do to endure, but all you can think abort is your speech.This is your opportunity to thank everyone who helped you and your bride get to this point. However, a good grooms s speech contains other important ingredients. Take a deep breath, relax and read our guide to becoming a consummate crowd -pleaser. Th ell all you have to do is stand and deliver.

Perfect timing
Give yourself a time limit and stick to it Seven minute, is plenty. If you're writing your speech as 1,000 words

Set the tone

Traditionally the tone of a bridegroom's speech falls somewhere in the middle of that of the father in law and the best man. Strike a balance between entertaining your audience and expressing your thanks to everyone who helped you and your bride prepare fill the big day.

Break the ice
An opening joke can catch people's attention, create a relaxed atmosphere and most importantly - help calm your nerves. This is family occasion, so keep it clean and avoid in-jokes, which may fall flat - try to appeal to every one's sense of humour instead.

Give the thanks
Here's where a few written notes will come in handy for even the most confident of speakers, so no one is forgotten. Tradition is that the bride's father is the first to receive your gratitude, for his kind words and for giving his daughter away. This is also a good point to thank the mothers of the bride. Reassure them that you will look after their daughter and are excited about joining their family. Next in line are those who to arrange the wedding, then your parents, who deserve a special thanks for their years of support.
Thank your guests for coming and for their (you hope) generous gifts. It's polite to acknowledge your minister or registrar before you come to your best man, attendants and anyone else who deserves.

Describe the day

Tell everyone what a wonderful time you have had. Let everyone to know what kind of experience your wedding has been.

Time for a toast

Propose a toast to the attendants, parents and of course your wife.

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