Half updo hairstyles for the bride

Half updo hairstyles for the brideThe bride should decide whether to keep her hair straight, long, pulled up or away from your face. There are many half up and half down wedding hair styles that one can choose from. If one is planning to pull up her hair, few strands can be left loose in wisps to get a soften look in the face. The hair style should be selected that it suits the face. The style should be such that the bride should feel comfortable whether it is pulled up or down.

Sometimes, the bride wishes to put half her hair down. There are many combinations and possibilities to keep her hair half up or down. Curls can be done which gives a romantic soft look. Variations to the bun like pleats, twists and plaits can be done. A geometric design will suit the same and it looks bold with silk flowers or ivory flowers to ornament this design.

Upswept Glamour

There are lots of options for the bride who wants to wear her hair up. Updos work for most every woman, except those with short hair. If you have medium length to long hair, you are a perfect candidate for a great updo! First, take your hair type into consideration. Straight hair looks gorgeous in a simple French twist. You can keep things sleek and smooth with a dramatic side part, or pull out a few wispy tendrils to frame your face.

For brides with wavy or curly hair, a loose upswept style is very flattering. Gather the hair at the nape of your neck, twist once, then pile it all on top of your head and secure with bobby pins that match the color of your hair.

Long Styles

With longer hair, it's possible to create some beautiful curls, more formal styles, in fact, just about any of the looks you've seen in the bridal magazines!

For 2008, the fashion tip is to go with big, soft curls, so you might like to try a slightly less formal look. However, this is YOUR big day, so choose a style that you're comfortable with.

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