How To Detox Before The Big Day

The aim of detoxing is to clean your body, ridding the bad stuff we know as toxins and making you feel good, healthy and energised. You’re going to want to be in tip top shape for the biggest day of your life therefore a detox is most likely going to be on the cards. Detoxing will leave you with a healthy mind and body so you’re refreshed, which is really going to help you as the stress and strain of planning a wedding can often be overwhelming.

It’s best to start detoxing a few months before the big day, this gives you time to really rid your body of all bad toxins and get into a healthy routine that will have you glowing by the time you walk down the aisle. Of course it’s understandable that you are going to be busy organising and planning constantly but it’s also important to set aside some ‘you’ time – trust us it will be worth it in the end.


Here is a simple detox method that is perfect whilst planning your wedding:


-       Drink water

Ok so this is something we hear about all the time… Drink more water! If you’re dehydrated you can get dry skin, bad breath and wrinkles – You definitely don’t want this for your big day. Drinking more water will have your skin glowing in no time. Get yourself in the habit of drinking it, but of course don’t drink too much. You don’t have to drink the recommended 8 pints a day which can be a little excessive but find yourself a happy medium and get into the routine of it. Drinking water can also prevent you feeling hungry so when you usually snack in the day, try a glass of water instead.

-       Relax & recharge

There are many ways you can relax you, rest and recharge. Take up yoga; you can even do it in your own home with a DVD. Take regular baths to relax yourself, of course with candles and some peaceful music. Make sure you’re in a regular sleep routine; you want to try and get your 8 hours a night.


-       Juice

There are many juices you can create or buy that make the perfect detox drink! Here’s a recipe for a fruit detox drink – what could be healthier?!


8 oz. of orange juice

4 oz. of pure water

½ cup banana strawberries or yogurt

½-inch slice of ginger

1 small garlic clove

1 tablespoon flax oil

1 tablespoon lecithin granules

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice if desired

1 tablespoon of protein powder or spirulina powder


Follow these steps and you’ll be feeling ripe and ready for your big day!

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