How to Be an Awesome Bridesmaid

How to Be an Awesome Bridesmaid

So, one of your close friends gets engaged and of course, you’re thrilled for them (and damn excited to be a part of the bridal party). But then you secretly begin to question the duties this will entail and wonder if you are fit for the role. You’ll begin reading ‘how to be the best bridesmaid’ articles in preparation and so on and so forth, yet still manage to work yourself up in anticipation.

This is where you can sign in relief as below are a few simple pointers to take into consideration  on your road to becoming the best bridesmaid any wedding ceremony has ever seen...

#1 Wedding parties will hold a lot of responsibility throughout the entire wedding process, like throwing silly showers to the bachelorette party. So expect to spend the next few months researching, planning, organising the location, food, presents and so on. Spend these next few weeks listening to the brides subtle hints (trust us, they’ll be coming in their thousands, some more blunt than others!)

#2 Purchase a new diary. It will soon enough take over your life, especially in last few weeks leading up to the ceremony. Make sure you know your schedule of the day and help be the time-keeper in order to keep everyone on track.

#3 Learn to love Google Docs. This is great system which enables instant communication between the groups which inevitably saves an enormous amount of time emailing back and forth. Teach the rest of the party to use this method too. You can choose who to share the spreadsheet with so you can create one the bride can’t see and keep suggestions just between the bridesmaid parties. There’s no fiddly-ness of saving and sending etc – the doc automatically updates for all to see instantly.

#4 Once you have got a hang of the organisational skills needed, use this to your advantage and throw the bride a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party. As a bridesmaid, it’s important to give her the kind of party she wants/deserves. Especially if the party if just a few days before the big event! It’s your duty to look after the bride and get her home safely too.

#5 For most brides, their dress will need to have the train bustles between the ceremony and reception. This is where you need to become the bustle master. It’s important the brides dress stays bustled for the entire night so be sure to attend her first fitting and learn how to properly bustle the dress properly.

#6 At the reception – be the first to get up on the dance floor. This is no time to be shy. You need to become the creator of fun! When the wedding party begins to dance, guests will dance. You can then begin to wrangle in the remaining friends and family who are a little bashful and make this a night no one will forget, especially the Bride.

#7 When you have successfully managed to get the all the guests merry and the party is finished – there are still jobs to be done. Someone needs to help load the car with gifts, wrap up the cake topper and keep it in a safe place and finally, collect the stray centrepieces. The bride will be especially thankful for these in the morning. 

#8 And finally, offer to house-sit for the honeymooners. This means they can go away and truly relax while you take care of any late wedding gifts that may have been shipped etc. Then when they return, they’ll come home to a neat pile of organised presents and a tidy house. Viola! 

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