How to celebrate a forty year wedding anniversary whilst getting ourselves back on our feet after being made redundent last year

It is just amazing to spend almost half a century with someone you have always loved to be with and perhaps that is your love and understanding with each other that made you stay in each otherís company for such a long time. Though some times bad times fall and life does not seem going well while being with each other, but that is a part of life and if you have worked upon developing understanding, all such issues are automatically resolved with the passage of time.

Upon the question that how to celebrate a forty year wedding anniversary whilst getting ourselves back on our feet after being made redundant last year, we can only suggest that spend your anniversary day in doing the things that would best improve the understanding between both of you. Once you have been redundant for each other, it takes time to develop the bond between both of you again. By suggesting that you should spend, your day in developing understanding does not mean that you should reopen the issues that caused misunderstanding between both of you, because doing so may make any one of you hyper again. Instead of that just spend time only in the company of each other and do the things that show how much care each one of you does for the other.

You not had the feelings of redundancy for each other, it could have been the best time or day to spend with your children and grand children, but after reviving from an above mentioned kind of situation, it is better to spend whole of day only with each other and realize that how much you both mean for one another. Just do not discuss the old issues until your bondage have been established again.

Present each other with the gifts you like the most, plan some candle light dinner, go out for theater, watch a movie, and instead of imposing your own choice or will, let the other rule through out the day. However, in the beginning you may feel that your ego is hindering you from going close to each other, but just let not fall it again between you to affect your relation. Your relation with each other is far precious to take care of than your ego.

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