How to choose what to wear to a September wedding, meeting everyone for the first time

Choosing the right dress for wedding ceremonies has never been easy for the girls. The task becomes further difficult if she is attending the wedding at some place, where no one knows her and the only reason to attend; the wedding is probably friendship with the bride. As the famous Chinese saying goes, a ‘your dress is your first introduction’ wearing impressive clothes at the ceremony where no one among the guests knows you becomes further necessary. Having nice clothing helps impressing the people and the socializing becomes quite easy.

While selecting the right wedding dress, you need to consider a number of factors. For instance, in which month the wedding is going to be held, whether the function would be formal or semi- formal, and lastly, what kind of impression you want to leave upon the guests as well as upon the hosts.

Starting from the month, if you are attending the wedding function in summers, like in the month of September, you should opt for light colors as well as for a dressing that is not too short. Though September is the time when summers aren’t over yet, but they are not harsh either, however, you can opt for short sleeves and slightly deep back neck.

While choosing the right dress for you, you should also consider the timing of the ceremony, that is, whether it is going to be held in morning or in the evening. Weddings that are set at morning times are comparatively more formal than those that are set in the evening times. A nice way to take help is to consult the websites, forums and the magazines that put light over dressing upon cultural or social gatherings.

Taking care of what other guests are wearing is also important in this regard. The wedding card would better reveal upon you about what kind of social class is attending the wedding. If you perceive the upper class to be there, you would have to spend considerably upon the dress so that you can better make a room among them and let them feel your presence.

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