How to clean vintage leather gloves

Your skin requires proper protection as without it you may start developing wrinkles upon it and when it is about body protection, parts that remain in a constant exposure to the chilling air and water need to be taken care of the most. Our hands fall into the category of such body parts that need to be protected from harsh weather conditions so that you may prevent them from developing wrinkles and to look young for long.

Generally, in order to provide our hands a protection, we use gloves, and when besides having protection for hands we want to fulfill our aesthetic sense too, we opt for buying the vintage leather gloves. However, leather gloves provide proper protection to your hands, but they too are as elegant as are your hands. Therefore, like taking proper care of your hands, you should take proper care of them too, so that you can use them year after year. Here we are going to present some of the tips that can better help you in this regard.

If you use your vintage leather gloves with care, they do not get dirty and the only care that you need to take, when they are no more in use, is to keep them stored properly at some place that is not damp. Keeping the leather gloves at damp places can develop mold upon them. For protecting them from the mold, store them in some cool and dry place. Just do not put anything on top of them as it may create creases upon them.

Your leather gloves need to be washed at least once a year, but of course, for washing them you do not need to put them in the washing machine. Simply dip them in cool water and apply some soap or detergent with soft hands, after wards rinse it with plain water. Now after washing, squeeze them gently and take out as much water as you can out of them, but do not try it with hard hands as you would not like your precious gloves to loose the shape.

Lastly, simply lay them on a towel or some soft cloth in your room and let them take their time before they get dried by their selves. Of course, they would take time before they would get rid of the moisture present in them, but let them take it. Once they get dried, apply some leather conditioner on them and they would be giving you the same shiny look that they were giving when you first bought them.

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