How to cope with bereavement when a good friend dies

Friends are our soul mates, hence when they depart; it feels as if our soul has been departed, and just mourning upon the loss cannot lessen the pain we go through. Life seems to be the end, and all the hopes are just vanished, but like the happy moments that we spent with our loved ones, these moments cannot stay forever either. Whether you like or not, you must have to come out of the trauma, as the life cannot go about in a natural way with this state of mind. No matter what amount of pain you have been through, as the time, the biggest healer, would pass by, you would automatically recover.

Whether you try recovering from the pain or not, the wounds of your soul would heal up with passage of time. However, if you yourself would not try overcoming the grief, you would not only suffer from physical, emotional and financial losses, you would also have to bear the pain of departure upon your soul for long. The best way of dealing with such kind of emotional shock is to accept the loss you have been through and let your body, your mind, emotions and heart bear whatever life has thrown upon you. The calmer you would try to remain, the lesser damage this psychologically ruining storm would cause. Besides trying to remain calm, following activities can help you best to recover from such up setting position you have been through.

First, get rid of the burden that you have upon your heart, your soul or upon your mind. Go and share your sufferings with your friends, your relatives and the close ones. If you do not find any one that would lend you the ear, share your pain with your diary and simply transfer your feelings upon the piece of paper. Secondly, Try having company of your friends for long spells and see if you can keep your self busy in as many activities as you can. Always remember that the more you would remain in an isolated position, the more time you would require for recovering.

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