How to do a complicated seating plan

Generally, making an appropriate seating plan for some wedding reception or other such occasion is thought to be an easy task, perhaps it is not, and if you do not plan properly for the seating arrangement, you can only end up in having a mess.

While beginning with making the seating plan, you should know that how many tables you would need to set for your guests and how many chairs you would be placing around each table. The best way of doing so is to contact the reception venue. Ask them if they can provide you with some seating chart about where the tables would be placed and for how many people the place will suffice.

Only start working seating plan when you are sure about how many tables and chairs you need to set up. Coordinate with the reception venue authorities and get to know where the reception tables are located. If possible, try having a blank seating chart and start work upon it well before the occasion arrives.

After setting up the tables, go about deciding that which family or person would sit where. Place the cardholders on table with the names of persons or families written upon them. This is a good way of helping your guests to find a place where they are supposed to sit, since there can be any two persons with same name, it would be better if you could mention both first and last name of the guest on place card.

If you are supposed to make a large seating arrangement, you may face a conflict, as not every one may agree with the place you have allotted to different people for sitting. You may like to have some of your friends close to the stage. The best thing is to discuss the seating plan with all of the stakeholders and decide about the tables for guests after mutual consensus.

Never make the people sit close or together that do not like each other or that are having disputes among each other as, of course, you would not like to ruin the function if they found the place most suited for resolving the disputes and equaling the balances. Never leave anything about seating arrangement for the last minute as it would only result in a mess and you would not be able to make people move once they have sat upon the tables of their own choices.

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