How to emotionally and physically cope with miscarriages

Going through a miscarriage is a devastating experience both physically and emotionally. By miscarriage, we mean a pregnancy loss before the 20th week of perceiving a child. Generally, miscarriages happen when women get pregnant for the first time, but if physical condition of a woman is not good, perceiving a child in such state of health can also lead to a miscarriage regardless of the fact whether it is the first time woman is getting pregnant or fourth time. Sometimes a miscarriage happens well before a woman gets to know about her pregnancy. A miscarriage is not only physically upsetting for a woman, it also affect emotionally both of the parents.

Regardless of the stage you went through a miscarriage, you would feel like as if the child has died after birth. In such a situation, sharing your grief with the people that have been through this kind of pain can be helpful as they not only understand your pain but also feel your emotions. Your doctor or physician may be in better position to refer you some good psychologist or counselor that can better help you in healing up emotional wounds. A psychologist or counselor is not only necessary for the mother, it is also equally important for a father, as both have suffered from an equal level of emotional upset.

Some couples go about doing something special that just keep on reminding them about their child. For instance, some of them go about planting a fruit plant, some plant flowers while still others simply prefer contributing in charity for the orphans. Though all these practices are important in feeling at peace, but the best way of overcoming the grief is to talk it out. Share it with your friends, family members or even with your diary. The more you would just cough up the pain, the better you would feel. You can also divert your attention by reading good books, planning some holidays or simply arranging some gatherings at home that can keep you busy.

Besides emotional loss, a woman also has to suffer physically. Therefore, besides making efforts that can help her feeling better in emotional terms, it should also be taken care of that she is recovering well from physical wounds. Take proper care of medicine as well as the diet she is taking. Ask her to increase the consumption of fruits, meat and liquids. Besides that, opting for regular exercise would also help in physical recovery for her.

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