How to find original gift ideas for wedding guests

When choosing and buying the gifts for the wedding guests, the idea that drives you in the right direction is that you can only present something to people that you expect to receive from them. It happens that after returning back from the weddings some times we even do not like opening the gifts that are given by the family; on the contrary, some times the gifts that we receive are really lovable and having as well as keeping them home is an amazing thing. Here we are going to suggest you some of the ideas opting which you can buy the best gift items for your guests receiving which they would really appreciate your choice.
You can present your guests the CD of the music that is liked by both the bride and groom. The cover of the CD can contain a photo of the couple in some romantic pose. There can be a picture that the bride and groom are walking on the beach or sitting in a garden while holding hands of each other. As long as the guests would listen to the music, they would admire the choice of the couple. Moreover, opting for CD would not cost high either.
Another good idea for presenting the gifts to the guests is to give them painted wine glasses. You can either get the glasses painted or can yourself write or draw something upon them. In fact doing so would also impress your guests as this is a unique idea to entertain your guests. As long as the glass would remain there at the shelves of the guests, they would remember you with smile and admiration.
You can also present your guests with a framed picture of bride and groom. At the bottom of the picture there can be signs of bride and groom as well as well wishing or thanking notes for the guests. Giving your picture to the people close to you is the best idea for making them remember of you.
Lastly, presenting your guests with the wine glasses upon which names of the couples are mentioned is also not less than an admiration. Wine glass is a kind of gift that the guests can also put in use, and buying a few dozens of such glasses would not cost you much either.

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