How to get over your husband getting another woman pregnant after a one night stand

Betrayal in the relations is always heart breaking as well as emotionally upsetting. When a person whom you love the most, care the most and think of him as the biggest asset of life cheats on you, the world just seems going upside down. Deciding upon what should be your response to such an act depends upon the level of betrayal.
Answering the question that how to get over your husband getting another woman pregnant after a one night stand requires a lot many aspects to be considered. However the only thing that can be said with surety is that the person is no more reliable. Now coming on to the problem that how should you be dealing with the issue, the first thing that comes into mind is simply leave the person. However it is easier said than done.
Leaving the person you may feel your ego as well as self respect is restored, but if you have children or your fear facing social insecurity issues, the better option would be to wait for the right time before leaving the person. Of course you would not like making him feel free to go to any other woman of his choice either. The best way to react is to realize the person that you are not happy with him or rather show your anger while remaining in limits. Realize him that you are not a dumb fool to be cheated on. On the contrary if you have a safe job and can support yourself well, leaving the person for good can be a better idea.
An important issue in this regard is that since the man went on having sex with another woman without having any preventing measures, it poses serious threats to your own health too. In case the man has opted any disease from the woman and has transferred it to you too, this can be really problematic. So girl, before you decide upon any other step, first of all go about consulting the doctor and having your complete checkup. No matter what you decide about the issue prevailing between you and your husband, giving your health a priority, going for a check up is the thing that you should no more make any delays in.

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