How to have something different than the usual guest book

A guest book is a form of book, used by the people who are invited in wedding jot down their best wishes, experience, opinions and feeling for the married couple. It is witnessed that people, try to know about how to have something different from the usual guest book, but now, there are different preferred options for you to choose. Given below are some of the most popular wedding guest book alternatives:

Guest book cards: Cards can be designed from the simple index cards, that can be used by every invited guest to write down their message for the newly married couple and then sign it. On the guest book cards, the guests can get the choice of jotting down some words and advices of wisdom to the new wedded couple.
Ceramic Plates: A ceramic guest bookplate is available with different ranges of styles and designs. The invitees can sign on this unique guest book with markers and the couple, can later on bake the platter to make it safe and enjoy food in it.
Using Vases As Guest Books: You can easily make your wedding memorable by placing the vases at the place of traditional guest books. You can choose different styles of vases and easily place them for the guests to write down their wishes. If you choose a lighter color vase, the marker should be dark.
Digital Guest Books: Using a digital guest book can be a good idea and you will require a computer or a laptop. The guests will type their messages and wishes for the couple but if someone cannot write, volunteer can type it on their behalf.
Photo Frames: Having a photo frame signed by the guests is also a good idea that works as guest book alternative, and couples usually use it for their marriage snaps. You can place a table to hold different frames and people will write their feelings on it. All you will have to do is save the messages for future or you can easily incorporate the messages with your best marriage snaps. This is the most advanced alternative for guest books.

Therefore, now there will be no need to find out about how to have something different than the usual guest book as you are having more advanced and reliable ideas.

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