How to know whether to trust him when he says he wants to marry me

Getting married or planning your marriage is a great feeling but the moment when some one proposes you, it is even more enjoyable than the wedding time. You might not be in love but a time may come when you think that it is time to get married. You might not be having feelings for someone but suddenly someone proposes you out in a sweet way that you get confused about how to know whether to trust him when he says he wants to marry me or ignore the proposal.

There is a need to understand that once you will get proposal from a person, you need to make sure you are not making any decision in a hurry. There are many cases when girls think they should investigate about the background of person who say, he wants to marry. This is an important fact and a good way to get married because marriage is not like cooking, that you can change recipes or add spices again, but marriage is an important part of life and every decision matters.

When some one asks you out to get married and you think about how to know whether to trust him when say he want to marry me, the best you can do is keep an eye on him. Ask one of your close friends or your relative to watch his activities. There might be a chance that he would be playboy looking for one nightstand. It is also seen that sometimes girls think they have made a bad decision of get married too early but also keep in mind when someone is proposing you, try to talk with eyes into his eyes and you will feel it whether he is speaking truth or making you a fool. Finally when it comes to wedding, tell him about your past and your future planning’s. You do not want to fight later on, so it is better to share your secrets well before starting with a new relation. Make sure you do not make a decision that you have to regret in future.

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