How to knowHow much to spend on wedding gifts

Most people are able to know how much to spend on giving birthday gifts or Fatherís day but when it comes to wedding gifts, all we think is how to know how much to spend on wedding gifts. The simple thing we have in mind is to spend minimum amount no matter how cheap we gift but still we donít want to spend more than our income as competing with guests is not the right thing to do.
How to know how much to spend on wedding gifts seem to be a question of etiquette for us. Only some people are comfortable with this etiquette but in other aspects of life, people have started moving away from such old rules. You can make a good online search to find how much you can spend on gifts. You will have to understand one negative and positive aspect of giving expensive gifts to help you make a decision:
ē Negative Aspect: You should never try to spend more than your income. You need to understand as some people suggest spending around the amount, that is the cost of meal, but you need to ignore this rule. Try to save as much as you can because a meal can sometimes be more than $150 but you can find a gift less than $20.
ē Positive Aspect: Everything is fair when you want to show your affection to the new couple. The giving of gift is not a competition but this is the one time opportunity for every couple and what so ever you gift them, it will make them happy. If you can not give a good gift at time of wedding, the thing to realize is you can give gifts within the first year of wedding.
You need to realize that when you are giving gifts, the thing to realize is the relationship you have with the couple. If you are attending your co workers or distant relative marriage, a gift ranging from $50 to $75 would be good. However, if you are attending a marriage of some close friend or relative, it does not matter even if the gift cots you more than $150.

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