How to Propose to Your Boyfriend

If you are planning to buck tradition and pop the question to your boyfriend, then there are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing your proposal technique: 

#1 Make sure that you are on the same page by having lots of conversations with your boyfriend about marriage and commitment. It’s important that you share a common outlook and that you both share the same values and ideas in regards to marriage. If you get lost for words, casually bring up stories of how other woman have proposed and see how he responds. 

#2 Once you feel like you’re ready (leap year or not) start scheming. There are plenty of proposal stories out there to bestow inspiration. Be sure to craft your technique unique to your relationship to make it special. And remember; look at it from his point of view. Us girls may dream of being proposed to on holiday, on the beach or a fancy restaurant – but try and be clever.  Find out where he is happiest (whether it’s at a football game, in your local or simply at home) to seize the moment. 

#3 When you’ve picked your location, consider how you want to present your proposal – a ring, a gift, a cheesy stunt, something edible or the simple down on one knee technique. If you really want to twist the tradition on his ear, consider asking his mother for his hand in marriage and see what see can suggest. However, it is the question (and answer!) that is important, so try not to worry about this too much.

#4 And last but not least, consider what might happen after you have asked. While the modern approach to proposals has been turned on its head over the centuries, the old fashioned notions still linger so try to understand that he will definitely feel a sense of weirdness from your proposal. Try not to expect a massive yelp, tears or hand on heart – as we imagine our responses to be. There are a number of reasons why your boyfriend might be a little slow in his answer. For example, you might have stolen his thunder, he might just be in total shock or maybe he just doesn’t think you’re being serious. What you have to tell yourself is that it’s very unlikely men spend half the time as we do imagining a proposal and how they would react if someone asked them to marry him. Brief is good, so just give him some time to get his head around the idea and reassure him that it doesn’t matter how long he takes, your proposal will still stand. 

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