How to react when a guy asks you to move in before marriage

One of the biggest issues that couples face is he time when their relationship gets more serious, thy have the idea of moving in together. Sometimes you are unable to find a good solution and find no solution for how to react when a guy asks you to move in before marriage. For some couples, the answer is simple as some cultures and religions t do not allows people to move in before marriage, but for others, many are struggling to find the best decision.
When you are thinking about how to react when a guy asks you to move in before marriage, the best thing to do is realize some point of views of this aspect. Below are some of the questions that you might need to consider before making a decision:
If you and your partner live in different cities or states, you might think about moving in together. If you think that the time left for your marriage is not more than a few months, there is nothing wrong.
Make sure if you are starting a new relation, you are not moving in a hurry. Moving in with your partner means you will have to leave your old background, your family, friends and many good people. You might have to loose your job so make a decision that is economically beneficial too. If the move is beneficial, go for it but if the relationship puts burden on any one, you are required to wait for the right time. Moving together will mean you can save some expenses like the bills, rent and expenses will be divided. You cannot make a burden on some one while living at your own is all you need.
Try to realize the intentions of person who ask you to move in. There is a chance that all he wants is a one-night stand but you do not want to get your feelings hurt. Try not to be in hurry when you want to begin with a happy relation as you cannot judge someone at once but try to understand his words and then come to a conclusion.

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