How to survive the first wedding night

Once the wedding is over and the relatives all go away, it's time for the wedding night. This should be one of those non-stressful, fun things even if you haven't waited, right? Sure, it should be. But in reality, countless women, and men, everywhere stress and fret about what to wear. At the time when in theory clothing shouldn't be an issue, days and weeks are spent, not to mention large amounts of money, on that perfect skimpy bit of clothing that will only be worn for mere minutes.

That is of course if either member of the happy couple has any energy left after the wedding. When the ceremony is done and the cake is cut and the dancing is over, is the only thing on your mind is collapsing into each others arms and… sleeping.

But even that is not a realistic expectation. There will be many many layers to take off. There will be hundreds of bobby-pins to take out of your hair. I am not kidding, I had 112, I counted. There will be pounds of makeup to wash off.

Remember, this is just one night and it is best not to put too many expectations upon it. Whether you have waited or have been living together for years, it doesn't matter. This is the start of your life together, not an indicator of how it will go. There is no reason to have a bad time if the time is not right.

However you might be one of the lucky ones with iron stamina and infinite determination. In that case, there are several things you should keep in mind. Whether you make a beeline to your room as soon as you cut the cake or after the last of your guests has gone to bed is your prerogative. Some couples, delighted to spend time with friends and relatives they haven't seen in ages, prefer to hang out at the hotel bar with everyone else until the wee hours.

Hopefully even your rowdiest or tipsiest relations aren't the types who will have the nerve to knock on your door after you've hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign. But to be on the safe side, when you call to book your wedding-night accommodations, request a room that's far from the ones your guests will be occupying. If you can afford it, reserve the bridal or presidential suite, which is usually the most roomy and secluded. Another option is to ask the hotel to block off a section of rooms for those who will be attending your wedding (some establishments will even offer you discounted rooms if you can guarantee a minimum number of guests). If you're feeling guilty about ditching the festivities early, you can always say your formal good-byes the following morning -- especially if a friend or family member offers to host breakfast.

Remember, you have a honeymoon coming up, where you get to have all the fun in the world. Whether it is a trip to tropical locals, a cruise or a pleasant stay in a nice hotel, the key is to relax and revel in each others company. You are now Man and Wife, enjoy yourselves.

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