Maid of Honor speech

The Maid of Honor has a special role, different and closer than any other person in the wedding. Only women know how a woman feels about a wedding. This day is more a day for that wonderful Bride.

That wonderful friend who has entrusted you with several of the plans for this day. You must be a special lady to be asked to take up this role. My package can help you fulfill that role completely.

The best toasts include funny stories growing up with sentimental friendship and love. Some Maids of Honor like to be spontaneous and not rehearse anything prior to making the toast while others (the majority) usually bring notes or a prepared speech. 

Top Tip: When the Maid of Honor does not know the bride well, she can discuss what types of special qualities her brother was looking for and must have found in his new bride-to-be. You can also speak of some appropriately funny stories about your brother and how you are so happy for the couple.  

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