Most romantic wedding proposals

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in anyone’s lives, and the proposal is what starts it all off! If you’re wanting to propose but have no idea how then these romantic tips may just inspire you to take the plunge! Whilst it is inevitable that your other half will say yes (we hope!) they are more likely to be unable to resist the following romantic gestures.

If you’re one to make a statement who certainly doesn’t mind causing a scene, you could propose on an aeroplane, you could work this to your advantage by getting all the flight attendants on board your plan. What could be more romantic than proposing 30,000 in the air?

Of course if you don’t want to actually take flight yourself then how about hiring a plane with a banner, but with this timing is everything! This proposal certainly has an element of surprise and let’s face it, who’s going to say no with their name written in the stars?

If you’re sentimental and quite the romantic, why not take your other half to the place you first met or went on a first date. This idea is perfect if you’re not one to make outrageous gestures, and wants to keep it just between you and your partner.

There’s no place like home… If you aren’t the best with words then spell out your proposal somewhere indoors. You could do this with candles or rose petals, or how about alphabet letters. You can be really creative with this one and plan it down to a T! Keeping it close to home you can make it truly personal and romantic.

Christmas is a perfect time to pop the question. You can hide the ring amid the presents or hang it from the Christmas tree; it’s a great way to really set the festivities off! Perhaps propose on Christmas Eve so your Christmas Day is even more special and you can share it with the ones you love.

If you find yourself to be really nervous then the best means to stop you shaking like a leaf is to spell it out and keep it private between you and your other half. There are plenty of ways to do this, for example go for a quiet weekend away by the sea and spell it out in the sand. Or if it’s a wintery day then why not spell it out in snow flakes? You can really get creative with this one and you won’t need to say a word, well, you won’t need to ask the question!

There are so many ways you can propose but it’s always best to add a touch of what’s personal to you and your partner, perhaps a memory you once shared… So you will always remember it as a special moment! 

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