Mother of Bride Dresses - Top Ten Deals

Aha, the fabled and dreaded mother of the bride – she needs a dress too!

Mother of the bride dresses tend to be much less elaborate and fancy than the bride dresses, and a little comfier too – after all, the mother of the bride is going to be meeting and greeting in it for much of the big day. For that reason it is always a very careful consideration for mothers before the wedding days, as they want to look smart without outdoing the bride herself!

And don’t forget the mother of the groom either – she has the same sort of decisions to be made, although she is much less likely to class with her offspring!

Mother of Bride Dresses - Top Ten Deals

Here’s the our top ten deals/tips for mother of bride outfits:

1/ Charity shops – we’ve said it before and we’re not afraid to tell you again till your ears bleed –mother of the bride dresses can be found very cheap and in excellent nick from your everyday charity shop on the high street. Why not try it?

2/ Ebay – whilst you obviously want to be careful buying second hand dresses on the net, there are some great mother of bride and mother of groom dress deals to be found on the auction sites! You can get new ones on Buy It Now too, just make sure you know the returns policies and that the dress size is right!

3/ Image Search – rather than just Google search for “mother of bride dresses”, why not search through the images – you’ll get a much better idea of what sort of dress you’ll want through looking at the products, something that image search allows you to do.

4/ Get out in the real world  – don’t just trawl the net, go out shopping in the streets for your mother of the bride dress. You’re able to try things on and have a real good look at what you’re buying, and you might just sneak a deal or two as well.

5/ Check the sales – we all love a good sale, especially with those products that already cost a lot of money. Don’t be afraid to try the sales in the big stores to find a dress that suits your needs, there’s no harm in trying after all...

6/ Borrow a dress – it might be that a relative or friend of a similar size has a rarely used dress that you can borrow for the day and look fantastic, without spending a penny! Worth asking isn’t it?

7/ Use an old one – you might have a stunning dress already sitting in the cupboard, perhaps not even worn yet. Try it out and see if it fits the theme.

8/ Get a hat to match – hats look great, especially for summer weddings. Don’t go overboard, maybe not Royal-Ascot style proportions, but you might find one that matches your mother of the bride dress perfectly.

9/ Don’t outdo the bride – obvious, and yet some mothers of the bride insist on ignoring this advice and wearing the most ostentatious and gaudy pieces, taking some eyes off the bride. Don’t do it!

10/ Check our blog or forums for some extra advice and tips from those in the know! And check out mother of bride shoes tips here.

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