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nigerian wedding ceremonyIn traditional Nigerian Weddings, brides generally wear imported Indian fabrics. These include decorative coral-beaded headpiece, necklaces coral-beaded ankle bracelets and necklaces. On the wedding day the bride and the groom go to the church. The bride is generally accompanied by her father. On the night of the wedding there is a grand party. After the party the bride returns back to her father’s place and waits for the groom. The groom together with his family come to the bride’s house and claims her. After that the bride and the groom goes back to the groom’s house.

The Hausa traditional wedding is done in much the same way. There is the exchange of livestock i.e. cows, kola nuts, food stuffs and other gifts for the hand of the bride. In some parts of the north, the Fulani ethnic group to be precise, there is the flogging initiation. This is arranged by the older men for the groom. He is flogged until the floggers are satisfied and if he does not cry, he is qualified to marry the wife of his choice.

Many other ethnic groups have variants of this same process; the process only differs according to quantity of clothing, food or money demanded for. The goal is to marry a wife. It is considered a very honorable undertaking in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, so much so that a woman who does not perform her traditional wedding is considered not to have married. It is implied that she is just doing time in the house of a man. For the young folks, it is just one of the processes taken to achieve a desired goal, to marry your true love and live happy ever after. If performing a traditional wedding is one of the bridges you must pass to get to where you are going. Why not?

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