Organizing the perfect Gatsby Vintage wedding

After the resounding success of the Gatsby movie, the popularity of vintage venue and parties has soared. But what about creating the perfect wedding to epitomise Leonardo and Carey’s Gatsby style for your Big Day? It is possible! And we will give you all the best advice to creating a fabulous flapper themed wedding including your dress, table decorations and the food you’ll be serving. So relax and let the party begin!

·         Invite them to a Great Gatsby party:

As every wedding starts with an invitation, yours have to be styled for a grand Gatsby event. Your guests have to be introduced to your theme from the very beginning.  The black style, with dashes of gold and ornate handwriting is the perfect association to prepare your guests. You could, as well, decide of the style to adopt on the envelope and even how it is delivered too!

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·         Find a place to host your party:

You might have a very rich friend that has also happens to have the perfect Gatsby house to let to you. If you’re not-so lucky, there are plenty of other options. Why not organise the reception outside, in a garden or a field? All you have to do is to adapt your chosen location to the theme you’ve choose. Always have a Plan B in case the weather has decided to ruin your first dance. 

If you have a closer look up at Gatsby’s house, it’s nothing more than a huge castle, always ready for parties, full of lights and amazing rich, gold decorations. You could also be even luckier if this friend have a massive swimming pool, and facing a lake...Am I going too far?

·         And what about the dress:

Because a perfect Gatsby feel comes primarily from the clothes and accessories you’ll be wearing, there are some details not to ignore. First, think feathers, feathers and more feathers! But do not forget about pearls and jewels either. Art Deco is a wonderful theme for a wedding and something your fashion can allude as well. For example, all Gatsby dresses are mostly long and straight and most of them contain lace and shine too.  

With the Gatsby theme you can really play with accessories. Which means hats, gloves, headbands, flowers, neck-laces; nothing is off limits! Just let your imagination fly and check some good Pinterest boards that might give you more inspiration.

The bridesmaids will also have to follow the theme with light and vintages dresses. Drop-waist dresses may be the best and are also extremely flattering too. Gatsby is all about having fun so have a play with the accessories and the make-up... 

·         About hairstyle:

The hairstyle you opt for might have even more impact on your theme. And as you may have seen in the movie or even in previous pictures, all accessories are really important and show the eccentric feel of this period in history. Parties were outrageous and constant, and girl’s dresses and hair were the craziest and prettiest at the time.  We would definitely recommend having the finger-waves down. In addiction to any hairstyle you’ll be choosing, you’ll have to add a headpiece. It could be head band or feather fascinator.

·         About make-up:

The Gatsby has a special make-up routine that will make you look natural with a touch of sexiness too.  To start with the skin, unlike our current way of thinking, the key look in the 20’s has nothing to do to be tanned.  Women at this time much prefer a light and luminous powder and a pale pink blush to highlight all this neutrality.  Then for the lips; it’s best to start by covering lips with foundation to ensure a super-smooth base, use a dark lip pencil to outline then feather in colour using light strokes following the lip shape. Finally, use a lip brush to colour in the lips. In terms of colour, deep-reds, plums and browns make for the ultimate 20’s throwback look. For your eyes you have to think super-smoky! Don’t forget they were inspired by Egyptian period too using a feline flick for extra impact.

·         What to say to the guests:

If you want every aspect of your big day to have the Great Gatsby feel then it is important ask your guests on the invite to dress to the theme. As it’s YOUR day, they will for sure say yes and even more, get really involved in it. The result could be quite amazing and will really unleash the party atmosphere.

·         Let them have some cake:

The cake is always a big issue for a wedding.  But for this vintage Gatsby wedding, your cake needs to be gold! Or at least have some Art Deco detailing on it. The flavours are up to you but you can really have fun choosing the designs and why not add some other objects on it too? Always keep in mind that you need to have pearls, feathers and sparklers everywhere, and this makes a good base if you’re struggling. Black, white and gold are the best colours to have on your cake table as well on your accessories and decorations.

Great activities to organize: 

·         What about decoration:

All your decoration should follow you accessories and clothes. Including feathers, pearls, gold, sparklers, old vintage objects, flowers and good pictures places.

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·         One of our last snippets of advice:

As Gatsby is the synonym of fun and dance, you should not avoid letting the champagne run free and let the party continues all night long!

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