Quirky Food and Drink Display Ideas

Your wedding day is probably the one and only day you can be as extravagant as you like and have everything catered to your needs! Depending on the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding, these quirky food and drink ideas may be perfect for your big day. 

If you’re holding your wedding on a nice British spring or summers day then why not offer an unusual but gorgeous drink selection of pink lemonade and cucumber cocktail. This is perfect if you have a light pastel theme going for your big day. It not only looks gorgeous but tastes amazing too!  Cocktails give a more quirky edge to the wedding drinks menu and they look great when out on display. 

If you and your guests have a sweet tooth then take a look at these heart shaped cookies. What makes them so special is that they are personalised, they make a great photograph and everyone loves a cookie! These kind of treats are great if there are going to be kids at the wedding and also if you have a cute pastel sweetheart theme going on. They would also look appetising in a pastel blue; you could to half and half to represent each member in the marriage! Cute eh?

Adding a personal touch to a wedding makes it so much more intimate and exciting! So why not have a signature drink each for the bride and the groom? This way you get to have your favourite drink on tap and it also makes a really quirky, individual display. This idea would fit in perfectly with a rustic, vintage style theme with a cream and gold colour scheme. 

If you’re a real sweet lover you can create an absolutely gorgeous display with all your favourite sweets! This gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want. You could even have personalised sweets including candy canes and cupcakes! Again, this fits in perfectly with a pastel coloured theme in the summer months. It looks surreal as though its in a sweet wonderland, of course every wedding should be like this! Other amazing wedding displays you could choose from include an American stand with pancakes and waffles and lots of chocolate, or a willy wonka style chocolate display with magnificent fountains.

Everyone loves an appetiser or two! You have the opportunity to create the menu of your dreams. Take these miniature-grilled cheese and tomato soups for example, they look cute and extremely appetising. Other quirky appetisers you could have include mozzarella and tomato on cocktail sticks, mini ceaser salad boats and pepper and houmous. The great thing about preparing a wedding menu with appetisers is that you can have pretty much any food you love the most and have it designed into smaller appetiser proportions. It’s definitely worth getting a caterer that specialises in quirky designs and they will give you advice on what they think will suit your theme and tastes as well as try and formulate your ideal menu. 

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