Silver wedding speech : how to survive the 25th Anniversary toast

Getting an opportunity to give a Silver Wedding Speech should be considered a very rare and unique opportunity taking into consideration the current status of culture. The happily wed couple has completed 25 years of successful, intriguing, emotional, entertaining and joyful years. So, it will be a tribute to give a speech equally important and appreciated by everyone listening to you. How to go about with this job? Well, read on, and this article will give you all the information you need to accomplish this task.

1. Try to open your bridal anniversary speech with a light-hearted personal experience.

2. Refer to the number of years you are married. Being creative with numbers and events ould be a leading theme in your talk.

3. Mention more funny or nostaligic incidents. If possible, relate them to one of the guests.

4. Tell what’s important to you and your partner in life.
E.g. Children, special projects, hobbies, travelling, places.

5. Who has been very important to you and why? Express your appreciation to that guest.

6. Thank for the gifts, tell why you like them.

7. If appropriate, thank a familymember or friend for organizing the wedding anniversary party.

8. Look to the future in this wedding anniversary speech. Are you on the look-out for something? What do you want to do in the coming years? Draw lines from past and present to the future.

9. Ask everybody to stand up and raise a toast to your family and friends.

Last but not least: be honest, but do not insult when you deliver a wedding anniversary speech.

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